KodeKloud Review: Unveiling KodeKloud’s Edge in 2023

KodeKloud Review

If you are someone who is looking to enhance your skills in the evolving field of Information Technology, then I have found the best platform for you to use.

KodeKloud is an online learning platform that has revolutionized the world of IT education.

I want to share my experiences and insights on this platform so you can get a better understanding of what KodeKloud has to offer.

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In this KodeKloud Review, I’ll walk you through the details of this platform, its courses, and its features. You can decide for yourself if KodeKloud is the right fit for your own tech learning journey.

Let’s dive in without any delay!

About KodeKloud

KodeKloud is an online learning platform that focuses on hands-on training in DevOps and Automation Technologies. Let me tell you, it’s been quite a game-changer for me!

This platform is led by Mumshad Mannambeth. KodeKloud emphasizes the importance of practical learning over just theory.

This platform has a variety of courses, covering everything from the basics of DevOps and Cloud Computing to more advanced topics like Kubernetes and Docker.

It is an amazing platform for anyone looking to upskill in the tech industry, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro.

KodeKloud follows the ‘learn by doing’ approach. KodeKloud doesn’t just throw information at you; it lets you get experience with real-world labs.

These hands-on experiences are a game-changer, allowing me to apply what I’ve learned in a practical setting and boosting my confidence to tackle real tech challenges.

The courses also come with completion certificates that provide credibility to the skills you’ve gained.

KodeKloud’s content is crafted by industry professionals, which means that your certificates mean a lot in the IT world.

KodeKloud provides you with an amazing learning experience designed for people like me to get the practical knowledge and skills needed to step confidently into the IT world. 

Pros and Cons of KodeKloud

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of KodeKloud to help you understand both the positive and negative sides of KodeKloud.

You must analyze the points given below, and decide if KodeKloud is a right fit for you. 


  • Learning paths for various skill levels ensure a structured approach to learning.
  • Emphasis on hands-on experience provides labs that allow the application of theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios.
  • High-quality courses developed by industry professionals and subject matter experts help you get fine knowledge.
  • Flexible pricing plans allow everyone to learn and grow.


  • Technical issues may also take place, like slow loading (sometimes) and bugs on the platform.
  • Varied instructor responsiveness leads to inconsistency in the level of responsiveness and interaction from instructors.
  • No live classes may be a drawback for those who prefer immediate engagement.
  • Limited free content is available, and practice labs are somewhat restricted with the Kodekloud Free Trial.

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The Most Popular Courses of Kodekloud

While I was learning on KodeKloud, I discovered some amazing courses that really helped me grow my IT knowledge.

Let’s delve into these top picks, each offering a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice.

It creates an environment where learners like me can gain practical skills and prepare for the real-world IT landscape.

Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) with Practice Tests

  • Proved to be a game-changer for me in mastering Kubernetes.
  • Focuses on skills that are incredibly in demand in today’s tech landscape.
  • KodeKloud’s CKA course has the right mix of theory and practical training. 
  • The hands-on labs and practice tests are invaluable.
  • Navigate real-world Kubernetes environments. 
  • Course content stays updated with ever-evolving industry demands.

Docker for the Absolute Beginner – Hands-on

  • For beginners who are just stepping into the container technologies world.
  • KodeKloud’s Docker is recommended for starting the journey. 
  • Designed for absolute beginners.
  • It simplifies complex Docker concepts through an intuitive and hands-on approach. 
  • Grasp fundamental concepts to create Docker images.
  • Working with Docker Compose.
  • Working on real-life scenarios in lab exercises.

Puppet for the Absolute Beginners – Hands-on

  • Best for configuration management.
  • Beginner-friendly course.
  • Deep understanding of Puppet.
  • Puppet’s architecture.
  • Setting up a Puppet environment.
  • Writing Puppet manifests.
  • System management. 
  • The practical exercises and real-life scenarios were crucial components.

KodeKloud Community

Engaging with the KodeKloud Slack community has been a crucial part of my learning journey, and it’s worth sharing my experiences with this vibrant and supportive space.

Let me share some of the critical points of the KodeKloud community:

Positive Community Vibes:

Being part of the KodeKloud community is like joining a friendly club. The atmosphere is not just helpful but also enthusiastic.

It motivates me to go beyond what I could achieve as a solo learner.

Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange:

One of the significant perks is the chance to interact with other KodeKloud members. This interaction opens doors for collaboration and idea exchange.

Finding learning partners and exploring various beneficial activities together was immensely useful.

Direct Interaction with Instructors and Support Staff:

The community also provides direct interaction with instructors and support staff. This helps clear doubts and gain insights directly from the experts behind the courses.

Areas for Improvement:

While my overall experience with the KodeKloud Slack community was positive, I did identify areas that could use a bit of enhancement.

Let me share two areas of improvement in the KodeKloud community:

Response Time:

  • There were times when I had to wait longer than desired for instructor responses. 
  • A quicker response time could enhance the overall learning experience.

Live Sessions and Direct Engagement

  • The KodeKloud community could benefit from more live sessions and direct engagement from the instructors. 
  • Live interactions provide immediate clarification and can contribute to a more dynamic learning environment.

KodeKloud Plans

Below, I am mentioning the KodeKloud Plans along with their pricing and available features:


  • $11.40/month
  • All Premium Courses
  • All Hands-on Labs


  • $22.80/month
  • All Standard Features
  • 51 DevOps Playgrounds
  • 3 Cloud Playgrounds
  • Cloud Courses
  • KodeKloud Engineer Pro


  • $27.08/month
  • All Pro Features
  • Enterprise Dashboard
  • Dedicated Support for Business
  • Centralized Billing

KodeKloud’s subscription plans provide the flexibility of monthly and yearly pricing models. If you opt for the annual subscription, you can save 50% compared to the monthly plans.

Exploring KodeKloud comes with no commitment. You can cancel anytime. Use this best Kodekloud discount coupon to save 20% instantly.

Conclusion On KodeKloud Review

Hopefully, this quick KodeKloud Review has told you all the essential points you need to know.

KodeKloud is one of the leading platforms for learning about the DevOps world and building a significant career. 

As a beginner, you can check the courses that will help you kickstart your DevOps career.

It is recommended to take the annual plan so that you can finish your long-term goals and save money. Happy Learning! 

Frequently Aske Questions

Is the KodeKloud certificate valid?

Yes, the KodeKloud certificate is valid, and you can add it to your resume to improve the overall impression. By the way, the CKA certification is valid only for 3 years. If you wish to continue using the certificate, you must retake the exam or upgrade to a newer version.

Is KodeKloud good for DevOps?

Yes, KodeKloud is as good for DevOps as you can use the browser-based labs to gain hands-on experience without any complex setup.

How to cancel a KodeKloud subscription?

You can cancel your KodeKloud subscription by logging in to your KodeKloud account, going to “Payment Setting,” clicking on “My Subscription”, selecting “Cancel”, and finally clicking on “Confirm.” 

Is KodeKloud safe?

Yes, KodeKloud is safe. You must know that KodeKloud is one of the best learning platforms and is on the most reputable list for providing quality technical training and certification. It focuses on various courses for IT-related disciplines.

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